1845 - Thomas and Jane Martin traveled in a covered wagon from Kentucky and settled on 50 acres of land west of Telephone Road (now Flora Street), Kansas City, Missouri. They built a log cabin and started farming. Later they bought another 50 acres. One child was born in Kentucky and three daughters and two sons were born in the log cabin.

1852 - The Martins bought 240 acres, part of which is now the Village of Oaks and the Village of Oakwood (located north of the Village of Oaks). Thomas and Jane died in the 1890s.

1920 - A farm house built by a daughter, Emma Martin Barnes and her husband, William, is owned by Mrs. Andrew Kardash, 5907 North Oak Trafficway. Emma Martin Barnes died in 1930.

September 1925 - 30 acres between Englewood Road and Barnes Avenue east of Jefferson Highway platted into 29 tracts (two later divided). First house built in 1925.

1926 - 33 tracts to the east added.

1928 - The Hodge Realty Company distributed a brochure stating:

"Oakwood is a highly restricted tract, Hundreds of Old Forest Trees, Beautiful Blue Grass Tracts and Springs, Minimum Cost. Now $6000."

1933 - By-Laws of the Greater Oakwood Improvement Association mailed to all residents.

1942 - By-laws revised, name changed to Oakwood Improvement Association.

May 1952 - Village of Oakwood incorporated.

August 1952 - 64 tracts incorporated as Village of Oaks.

1972 - New by-laws adopted and name changed to Oakwood Community Association.


The Historic Hernandez Home

Their home is made from red cobblestone from the original Clay County Court House (circa 1934). Click here to see an image of the Resolution of the Clay County Commission.